“In my face they throw shade, but behind my back they’re glistening from my rays.” ~Linda Orji

Dear Queen

Bask in the shade.

Shade is simply a reflection of your light.

Position your head high, as that shade-light shines upon you.

As it eases off your melanin like sweet juice of summertime watermelon.

Sticking to your shadow like honey due.

The ones behind you use your light to help get them through.

Your skin was designed to take the heat.

So chill and slowly pull your fingers through your artfully braided do

designed by your bootylicious, illest of the realist hair stylist Tasha-mack who

creates conversations full of positivity,  from her go-getta mentality to her perception of reality.

Dear Queen…

I see you stressing over there, pulling out the edges of your hair, worrying if there’s a man out there somewhere willing to take away your worries, love you and care. Well I’m here to tell you baby girl STOP DREAMING! GET YOUR ASS UP NOW! YOU GOT GOALS TO ACCOMPLISH! Don’t let me have to tell you again. Love you girl.