Got a script that needs work? From tightening up dialogues to pacing your plot, I’m here to help you craft screenplays that not only sell but tell compelling stories.

TV/Film | Brainstorming/Outlining Template


For those who are self-sufficient yet seek a structured approach to their creative projects, our Brainstorming/Outlining Template provides a unique guide. This template is designed to not only assist with your current project but also serve as a valuable tool for future endeavors, ensuring you have a solid foundation to build upon.

Tv/Film | No Cap Genius Session


Creating engaging and informative podcast episodes, along with generating ideas for movies and TV series, IS challenging. Unlock an hour of Big Energy & Ideas No Cap Conversation, immersing yourself in a realm of limitless possibilities through dynamic creative exercises and engaging in non-biased dialogue with another brilliant mind. Together, we'll explore the "What's your why" to elevate your creative ideas. I'm here to push your boundaries and help you step outside your comfort zone. No time for small talk; everything we discuss is grand. With no limits and no sugar coating, we're about to make things happen! This conversation promises million-dollar energy and ideas. Remember, you were crafted in a BIG way and designed with gifts of wealth.

TV/Film | Dope Development

Custom Order Only

Unlock the full potential of your narrative with our Dope Development service. You provide the initial spark by filling out a specially designed template, and we handle the rest, crafting a robust story structure that includes well-defined characters, vivid settings, and a gripping plot. This service is perfect for creators who have a vision but need expert assistance to bring it into a clear and compelling focus.

TV/Film | Grit Check & Feedback Finesse


Have a script draft that’s already been through the initial edits but still needs that critical eye? Our Grit Check & Feedback Finesse service offers a detailed Alpha & Beta reading service, providing an honest and insightful review of your manuscript or screenplay. It’s the perfect follow-up to ensure your narrative is engaging and your thematic elements are resonating with potential audiences.

TV/Film | Write It Up


So, you’ve conquered the research phase, meticulously crafted your plot twists, painstakingly designed your settings, and lovingly polished your script bible—now, the stage is set for us to WRITE IT UP! We’ll adapt our writing style to match the tone, genre, and unique voice of your project, ensuring a seamless fit with your creative vision.

TV/Film | Real Talk Research


Seeking to enrich your movie or TV show concept with thorough research? Real Talk Research is your solution. Our service offers comprehensive exploration of your selected topics, elevating your narrative with authenticity and depth. Ideal for projects requiring factual precision and intricate background details.