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Welcome to my service page. Here, you can discover how my expertise in editorial guidance, spoken word artistry, and mentorship can help you achieve your creative and professional goals. Whether you’re looking for personalized writing support, dynamic performances, or insightful coaching, I’m here to collaborate with you.


Using my voice, heritage, and experiences, I aim to help others navigate their challenges. My spoken word artistry empowers, connects, and educates. I stress on emotional resonance, relatability, and a unique narrative style. I also strive to raise awareness of Nigeria’s issues, recognizing that understanding catalyzes change.


In the past two years, I’ve crafted 7 screenplays, 4 film scripts, and ghostwritten/edited 8 books on varied subjects. I’ve also assisted 50+ students globally with their essays. Recognizing common challenges, I devised a process and template to tackle writer’s block, story development, creativity, and outlining


Frustrated by the superficiality of post-pandemic fitness programs, I embarked on an introspective journey that culminated in “Manifesting my 8:28: Faith Gains”, a transformative fitness program emphasizing manifestation over physical appearance.