Voice of Soul Survivor Writer
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No, I am NOT a common butterfly but a unique dragonfly.

For only a dragonfly can submerge themselves in deep waters, and rise up through its force with two strong wings on each side.

Wings that can fly through the darkest valleys and truly fear nothing because GOD is with me and I with GOD.

Wings that inspire engineers to create machines that imitate my flight.

Wings that allowed me to escape several things that with your human eyes you could not see;

Wings that span comfort to your heart when they utter in your ears as they flutter, “You ARE somebody.”

Wings that were strategically…

Designed by GOD to help guide you before the rain, rest on your path to remind you that it’s the little things that matter most…you need not complain;

You need not argue or strain for my presence is not absent, nor did I depart in vain…