I’m not scheduled to post again until next Tuesday but what the heck. Let me tell you man, a mother’s love is something special. They love you so much they try to squeeze it ALL in a text message. You ever catch yourself add an emoji at the end of a text to your mother and realize you messed up, but it’s too late because you already sent it? That’s what happened to me in this text message. I was good. She sent me the one nice rose in the box and all I had to say was, “Thanks Ma, Love you.” But nooooo…I had to add the rose and two hearts. After that it was straight rose emoji bullets. Mom fired the rose emoji like…

“Oh hell naw, what you think you gonna out love me? BOOM! Two text message loads-what you got to say about that?”

I had nothing. Even if I did, God forbid I tried, my phone would explode and blow up hearts and rose petals. What’s funny is that in my mind I’m like Oh you fancy, huh? You wasn’t shooting out the rose emoji last week, when you needed help turning your phone on! 

Nothing like a mother’s love, that’s the truth. Moms will make sure you can hear them through text message. Like they will text out the phrase how they say it so you can hear it loud and clear. And if you don’t acknowledge that you heard her through the text, then she will say it again. Not only that but they are so skilled with it sending long messages that even when it’s short it’s still long. Y’all think I’m playing? This is what my mom sent weeks back via Facebook Messenger:

If you are wondering what ‘Shadaboca’ is, it’s my mother speaking in tongues. Peep how she said it again. And what was my response? Exactly. I’m no fool. When she speaks in tongues she’s deep with it. So that ‘Shadaboco’ message is really twenty messages in one and she said it twice so that’s forty messages, easy. Mothers claim they don’t know how to do stuff but they know exactly what they’re doing. Keeping us in check on the low-low.

I share this to say, appreciate all the little annoying loving things a mother does. Hold them close. Nothing like a mother’s love, especially her SMS ❤.