Okay, guys, this is real talk. Every person who has goals should have a mentor and an order of steps they should follow. I believe that if we want to make a difference in someone else’s life, we need to have a go-to person to guide us. This has helped me tremendously on my journey. We all need someone to assist us. Don’t be foolish and think you can do everything on your own. Find someone who is already where you want to be, and allow them to assist you through the process. Remember, eventually you will become someone else’s mentor. Work hard, listen to your mentor, gain success, and then look for someone who needs your guidance. I found that if things are done in that order, it makes the road less bumpy. When you try to get where you are going and be a mentor at the same time, it slows you down; at least it did for me.  Yes, I know that sounds “mean,” but I call it REAL.

Let’s look at it this way — the quicker you get where you are going, the quicker you can help others get where they are going. You have to go through a lot of trying times in order to actually become an OG (Original Guidance)Mentor. I know, I know, here I go with my acronyms again. I told y’all, I have acronyms for everything. Either they have a thing for me, or I have a thing for them. It also looks like I have a thing for the letters O and G. I just realized I used them in my poem OG Talk w/ Babygirl as well.

Anyway, when I say Original Guidance Mentor I’m not talking about a little advice here and some suggestions there. I’m talking about the type of mentor who sees a person with a unique God-given skill and can invest not only their knowledge and time but their money as well. Reality is that money changes the game. When a person knows that there is someone out there who not only believes in them but will invest in their skill financially, they are even more likely to succeed.

You see, OG mentors have passed a lot of life tests, perhaps some you haven’t even been hit with yet:

  • The tests that push you to a corner and make you want to quit.
  • The tests that leave you broke-n.
  • The tests that have you feeling empty.
  • The tests that force you to want more.
  • The tests that leave you starving and full, simultaneously.
  • The tests that push you to learn how to move your money.
  • The tests that help you realize how important a mentorship is.

So then, when you make it to your goal, having passed trials of your own, you can assist someone else do the same.

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