That title is a little deceiving, isn’t it? So is SEX. Its hypnotic. Its POWERFUL.

I’ve watched closely the eyes of men I’ve dated. In just one blink, they’ve undressed another woman in public, right in front of me. Yes, there’s sex in their eyes and it happens very quick. I haven’t really used my sex power to its greatest ability. I’ve experimented with it a little, however, I haven’t gotten the opportunity to see all aspects of my sex magic. I’ve witnessed what it can do. It appears it’s gotten stronger, based on the reaction of the selected few that it’s been tested on.

Ladies, do yourself a favor, let no one tell you that your sex isn’t powerful. Don’t ever think that because you had sex with someone you are the weak link, and they are the superior. You did not give up anything — well unless you tell yourself you did. I say you tell yourself you had a damn good time and learned how to make that power even powerful. You gained knowledge, and this may sound cliche, but knowledge is power. I will say this again and again: we have control over our lives. Our steps are ours. Our decisions are ours. Own them. All we need to do is check them off our life’s ‘been there done that what’s next’ list.

I’ve encountered men who have pretended to care about me for a small part of my power. I’ve tested the waters to see if perhaps sex is all they wanted and if there were any emotions involved. Did they really care, or did they beg like a dog to get a slither of bacon? How we so easily get our panties in a bunch over that single thought. Well let’s un-bunch those panties.

Open our eyes to the bigger picture. The foreplay, the climax, what a great feeling. Enjoy the motions of the ocean. Learn, grow, and be the best person you can be.