Free Style

It’s about flowing with the water. It’s also about celebrating that wonderful time of fire on the beach with a crazy dance of words and freestyle poetic rhythm. A movie scene that illustrates my vision of the meaning of Free Style would be this one: I like the moment when he says, “You’re free! You’re free!” … Continue Reading


The phase of a caterpillar in its cocoon is just as important, if not more significant, than when the new butterfly spreads its wings to fly. While inside the prune, caterpillars practically melt and form brand new butterfly parts. Many couldn’t understand why I chose to move; live on my own, near the mountains of … Continue Reading

The Love of Captivity

Scared to lose something I never had, Hoping this is not some type of typical guy 3-month fad. Don’t want to do anything to push him away… Want to make sure I’m there for him to listen to every word he has to say. Deep down inside, I question whether I should continue on this … Continue Reading