Me: Silicone?

Them: Injection.

Me: Why, so I can look like who? Feel like what?

Them: Walk with a more curvaceous strut!

Me: Far from the crowned Mutt
That walked in the presence of King Tut?
Does good come from that cut?

Them: What cut?

Me: The one craftily performed by my surgeon.

Them: Where?

Me: There.

Them: I don’t see nothing down here.

Me: Get a little closer, noser!

Them: I don’t see a mark, not one trace!

Me: The cut is the one God craftily laced.
And that my friend is where I will…
Your face
If you don’t remove that talk from my space.

Your body cannot be replaced.

Order your steps. Those thoughts please erase.

This is a war…

Minders and the human race versus

Miners and the human race.

Be careful of the one letter between the two;

Very d…eceiving, often mislea…d…ing.

For the sake of extracting natural minerals working to remove the rock,

Then turning ’em over to manufacturing deficiency-causing industries,

Done with ease and efficiency to maintain currency sufficiency.

Them: Shit.

Me: Precisely. That is the good that cometh from that craftily performed cut.

Now step away from my butt.

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