The phase of a caterpillar in its cocoon is just as important, if not more significant, than when the new butterfly spreads its wings to fly. While inside the prune, caterpillars practically melt and form brand new butterfly parts.

Many couldn’t understand why I chose to move; live on my own, near the mountains of NC with no internet in my apartment, no cable, and a phone with horrible service. I never really bothered to explain my reasons, either. It wasn’t about anyone else. It was solely about me wrapping into my own powerful, natural nutrients and philosophical thoughts. My plan was simply to spin myself into a silky cocoon of all the creative discussions and ideas I ingested before entering the process.

Just like the caterpillar, I ate as much as possible. I ate all the food for my visions and dreams. I indulged in the work ethic of women that I grew up with, displaying their natural born talents to the world. I even swallowed the adversity because I knew that the metamorphosis would transform all the negativity into healthy positive enzymes, which would play a great role in building the beautiful colors of my wings.

So there I was, a big plump of goals, getting ready to wrap into the protective casing of my own space; blocking out any form of damage from the world, unsure how long the process was going to take as there is no specific time frame on God’s great works.

To those observing on the outside, it looked like nothing was going on, but big changes were happening on the inside.

The great artistic cells have grown rapidly. They have now become legs, eyes, and wings to my new being.

My wings are opening.




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