An OG takes care of his family, and everything about him is just, well…manly.

Someone you can talk with about sports,

sit back and crack jokes of all sorts.

He’s book smart and street smart,

can be real cold but has the warmest heart.

It’s kinda tough for you when y’all are apart.

You don’t want to show signs of weakness,

so you find ways of dealing

by exercising your feelings.

And strengthening your uniqueness.

An OG listens when he doesn’t want to;

opens the door for you b/c he was raised to;

Gets his hands dirty like he watched his father do.

An OG is an original guy

who makes you feel like you’re soaring high

when you catch that spark in his eye.

It is the swag in his walk,

the Gangsta in his talk,

the S on his chest

when he’s giving you his best.

He balances the equation:

You take away the O, and just call him G.

He divides your thighs O so willingly.

Then somehow strategically adds that G

to your spot

and makes you 50 shades of hot.

You know he’s an OG when…

y’all can laugh at each other

and laugh with each other;

when your fly matches his fly.

When it all started on Facebook

with a simple, “Hi.”


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