I have a lot of things happening in my life. Many things changing but one thing that remains extremely consistent on this journey is the fact that Jay-Z just keeps popping up. I wouldn’t say he’s my idol but I can say he’s unknowingly guiding me through this process.  The crazy part is I barely listen to his music that much, but I guess whatever I have watched or heard resides in my mind subconsciously. The universe is so amazing in just how it moves and gravitates all things toward you that you need at that time. So with that said I just want to show my gratitude through the universe right back to the man they call a camel. Thank you for showing up in my dreams and keeping me focused.

“…oh they call me a camel
But I mastered the drought, what the fuck I’m an animal
Half-man half-mammal.”

(Already Home Lyrics)




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