Willingness is a quality, or state of being, when one is prepared to do something. My ultimate goal was to have a platform where the door is open to anyone, and I wouldn’t have to bind my intellect to likes, friend requests, emotional emojis, and such. When I write, my soul feels free, and that’s how I want people to feel, too. Writing is my way of keeping sane amongst the world’s constant war of love versus hate. I’m no life coach or fashion expert. I’m not an expert in anything, except telling a story through my eyes. If writing about the world through my eyes is my sanity, then this website is madness (a violation to societal norms). I’m claiming this virtual space to challenge us to think outside the box. We have to start exercising our levels of perception—as a unit.

Energy, God, space, science… in retrospect, we are all connected—we are all one. Therefore, your story is, and always will be, my story.  There’s this small something inside of me that believes all my traits and characteristics, which wrap up into this thing called individuality, can help move the world forward in a positive direction. I’m poetic. I’m “weird.” I’m silly. I’m philosophical. I’ve endured. The vision of this site does not evolve around the little mind, but the grandeur, supreme destiny of a soul survivor’s journey.

Soul Survivor Writer