98% of the things I do, I’m scared to do. 2% of the things I do, I was trained to do; respect, work hard, pray, and move forward.~Soul Survivor Writer Others will try to distract you with other people’s distractions. Stay focused. Continue to pray, be who you are, do what you do to the … Continue Reading

Over the past few weeks, my mysterious and inquisitive mind has picked the brains of many married couples, or previously married individuals, including studying my parents’ relationship. According to my Nigerian culture, and maybe a portion of the population, I am supposed to be married by now, with at least 1 kid. What I’ve learned … Continue Reading

At 24, I was managing two offices of a growing company, making what they call stupid money. I sat in meetings with top execs, went to high-class parties and had irrelevant discussions with CFOs and CEOs. You know, the conversations you have to have because you need them to invest in your company, and having … Continue Reading