Currently feeling Depressed. Check back for an update! In the mean time go Crack that Concrete, go show the world it aint over! Love, Linda Orji

Prelude… It is no coincidence that the essence of my warrior colors landed on the shoulder of the Soul Survivor Writer. It is no coincidence that she is a woman, for it is from a woman’s womb that I was born. It is a woman’s voice that I hear speak my thoughts, the beautiful queens … Continue Reading

Listen closely. I’ll make sure to go slowly. June 18, 18′ with an ‘x’ in between is 1 x 8, which is 8, and when 8 is turned horizontally and laid to rest, straight… Hold on, wait, let me first connect this date June 24, 24 with an ‘x’ in between is 2 x 4, which is … Continue Reading