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Using my voice, heritage, and experiences, I aim to help others navigate their challenges. My spoken word artistry empowers, connects, and educates. I stress on emotional resonance, relatability, and a unique narrative style. I also strive to raise awareness of Nigeria’s issues, recognizing that understanding catalyzes change.


Initially, my authorship journey started as a self-challenge, later becoming therapeutic for both me and my readers. My unique style, blending color, music, poetic dialogue, and font choices, results in a tangible and personal reader experience. This necessitates my direct involvement in book formatting for publishing.

Cracked Concrete Vol. I

Guided by a divine assignment, I wrote this book to capture both historical and modern perspectives, aiming to engage the fast-paced, technologically advanced millennial generation. I embraced a self-taught path rather than a conventional education system, leveraging my personal journey and inherent skills to share narratives and principles adaptable to varied learning environments. Inspired by my struggles, global tragedies, and a necessity to serve our youth, I sought to encapsulate not just my experiences, but those of others too.

Cracked Concrete Vol. II

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In the past two years, I’ve crafted 7 screenplays, 4 film scripts, and ghostwritten/edited 8 books on varied subjects. I’ve also assisted 50+ students globally with their essays. Recognizing common challenges, I devised a process and template to tackle writer’s block, story development, creativity, and outlining

Manifesting & Fitness

Frustrated by the superficiality of post-pandemic fitness programs, I embarked on an introspective journey that culminated in “Manifesting my 8:28: Faith Gains”, a transformative fitness program emphasizing manifestation over physical appearance.

Manifesting My 8:28 Faith Gains

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8 Days 1 Decision

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Linda Orji saved my script! She helped me develop more engaging characters while also helping me establish a good storytelling pace. Because of her edits my screenplay appears polished and professional. Thank you Linda it was an absolute pleasure working together.



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