Who am I?

I’ve been told that I’m hard to read. I agree. It’s hard to tell what I’m thinking or predict what outlandish thought may develop in my head and exit through my mouth. Yes, I’m unpredictable, so what? Of course, that’s so much easier for me to say today than it was back in my elementary school … Continue Reading

The Love of Captivity

Scared to lose something I never had, Hoping this is not some type of typical guy 3-month fad. Don’t want to do anything to push him away… Want to make sure I’m there for him to listen to every word he has to say. Deep down inside, I question whether I should continue on this … Continue Reading

Her Precious Body

Her body is precious. Her body is a jewel. She’s a queen. Her walk is hella mean. But when her girls find out her secret She develops low self-esteem. They ask why… Liz: Why you ain’t let him hit it? If I was you, I would’ve been did it? Mya: Why you waiting til marriage? … Continue Reading