Molasses and African American Women

Molasses — thick, dark brown syrup obtained from raw sugar during the refining process…   Yes, the way my mind is set up I really did wonder what would happen if ALL African American women could reflect molasses? What do I mean by this? Well, what if we all formed a thick texture between us … Continue Reading

The Uncommon Woman Taking Flight: Arrival

You may open your eyes now. You have arrived at your destination. Captain God-In-You would like to welcome you to YOUR BREAKTHROUGH. There were a few zones of turbulence but you made it safe and sound. The current temperature is just right, and the local time is… NOW. Safe travels to YOUR DESTINY and may you … Continue Reading

The Uncommon Woman Taking Flight: Departure

Ladies and Gentlemen, I will be your chief flight attendant for this blog post. On behalf of Captain God-In-You and the entire crew, welcome aboard The Soul Survivor Airlines’ flight 2020, non-stop service from NOW to YOUR BREAKTHROUGH, then continuing on to YOUR DESTINY and FULFILLING YOUR PURPOSE. Our flight time, as estimated, will be … Continue Reading