The Sexperiment

That title is a little deceiving, isn’t it? So is SEX. Its hypnotic. Its POWERFUL. I’ve watched closely the eyes of men I’ve dated. In just one blink, they’ve undressed another woman in public, right in front of me. Yes, there’s sex in their eyes and it happens very quick. I haven’t really used my sex power … Continue Reading


You took advantage of me, You told me things and said that I would never be. How could you be so cold? I gave you my heart; I gave you the world. But most of all, I gave you my SOUL! After all you put me through, I had your back. I held you down … Continue Reading

Her Precious Body

Her body is precious. Her body is a jewel. She’s a queen. Her walk is hella mean. But when her girls find out her secret She develops low self-esteem. They ask why… Liz: Why you ain’t let him hit it? If I was you, I would’ve been did it? Mya: Why you waiting til marriage? … Continue Reading