Bronx SHēk

Pardon my back, but these dudes out here gonna make me take it to a whole other level. I had to switch it up on ’em.  RE-DEFINE it on ’em. Get Soul Survivor Writer on ’em. The title Bronx SHēk (pronunciation of ‘chic’ not to be confused with ‘chick’) was inspired by a moment that occurred just … Continue Reading

Kpachara anya gi “Black Power”

Kpachara anya gi  Is an Igbo proverb my father taught me that his mother would say to him. What’s interesting about Igbo proverbs and stories is that they can have various meanings. This proverb literally means ‘take your eye’ however it also means: “Ensure your eyes are open” “Remain alert” “Be mindful” Now why would I … Continue Reading

The Sexperiment

That title is a little deceiving, isn’t it? So is SEX. Its hypnotic. Its POWERFUL. I’ve watched closely the eyes of men I’ve dated. In just one blink, they’ve undressed another woman in public, right in front of me. Yes, there’s sex in their eyes and it happens very quick. I haven’t really used my sex power … Continue Reading