Prelude… It is no coincidence that the essence of my warrior colors landed on the shoulder of the Soul Survivor Writer. It is no coincidence that she is a woman, for it is from a woman’s womb that I was born. It is a woman’s voice that I hear speak my thoughts, the beautiful queens … Continue Reading

A Mother’s SMS ❤

I’m not scheduled to post again until next Tuesday but what the heck. Let me tell you man, a mother’s love is something special. They love you so much they try to squeeze it ALL in a text message. You ever catch yourself add an emoji at the end of a text to your mother and realize … Continue Reading

Who am I?

I’ve been told that I’m hard to read. I agree. It’s hard to tell what I’m thinking or predict what outlandish thought may develop in my head and exit through my mouth. Yes, I’m unpredictable, so what? Of course, that’s so much easier for me to say today than it was back in my elementary school … Continue Reading