My existence existed before and after I exited. Little did you know you could always find me flying above still waters in the springs and summers… Resting deep beneath the peace of its calmed waves in the coldest winters. My presence is forever present to witness the generations of your presence. For the ultimate present is your … Continue Reading


Dear judgers. I DEFINE me. My third eye is open so there is no need for me to see, for I AM one with my surroundings, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Sincerely, Linda Orji   In my most recent Instagram post from June 2, 2018 (Me dancing to Won’t he do it by Koryn Hawthorne)  I … Continue Reading

Bronx SHēk

Pardon my back, but these dudes out here gonna make me take it to a whole other level. I had to switch it up on ’em.  RE-DEFINE it on ’em. Get Soul Survivor Writer on ’em. The title Bronx SHēk (pronunciation of ‘chic’ not to be confused with ‘chick’) was inspired by a moment that occurred just … Continue Reading