Kpachara anya gi “Black Power”

Kpachara anya gi  Is an Igbo proverb my father taught me that his mother would say to him. What’s interesting about Igbo proverbs and stories is that they can have various meanings. This proverb literally means ‘take your eye’ however it also means: “Ensure your eyes are open” “Remain alert” “Be mindful” Now why would I … Continue Reading

Who am I?

I’ve been told that I’m hard to read. I agree. It’s hard to tell what I’m thinking or predict what outlandish thought may develop in my head and exit through my mouth. Yes, I’m unpredictable, so what? Of course, that’s so much easier for me to say today than it was back in my elementary school … Continue Reading

Why Are We Where We Are?

We are where we are because we’ve forgotten where we were. No one is better. We will all die, but while we are here, can we live, together? We are where we are because we remember where we were. I am better. We will all die, so I don’t care if you live.     … Continue Reading