Why Are We Where We Are?

We are where we are because we’ve forgotten where we were. No one is better. We will all die, but while we are here, can we live, together? We are where we are because we remember where we were. I am better. We will all die, so I don’t care if you live.     … Continue Reading

Her Precious Body

Her body is precious. Her body is a jewel. She’s a queen. Her walk is hella mean. But when her girls find out her secret She develops low self-esteem. They ask why… Liz: Why you ain’t let him hit it? If I was you, I would’ve been did it? Mya: Why you waiting til marriage? … Continue Reading

Social. Media. Popularity…

… is defined by likes, re-posts, re-tweets, sharing, comments, etc., right? What if we removed that ability. How would that change things? Would people still post, tweet, bend over backwards (literally) to take the best footage? Would individuals be as quick to record themselves helping, or not helping someone, if there was no way to … Continue Reading