Mind of The Human Mind Reserve

AND IT’S ALL IN MY HEAD … A PSYCHOLOGIST & JOURNALIST  INTERVIEWING A “PATIENT” WHO IDENTIFIES AS THE HUMAN MIND RESERVE : PSYCHOLOGIST: Hello, I’m your psychologist. I’m here to talk to you today with a journalist about why you call your mind a human mind reserve. Can you explain to us? PATIENT: My mind … Continue Reading

Current of an idol mind

There are days when I just feel stagnant, like today. I ask myself, “What is happening with my life? Where do I go from here? Who am I becoming?” I know I have the answers deeply rooted inside of me, however this moment is the true test of time. Why? Because it is the most dangerous … Continue Reading

Who am I?

I’ve been told that I’m hard to read. I agree. It’s hard to tell what I’m thinking or predict what outlandish thought may develop in my head and exit through my mouth. Yes, I’m unpredictable, so what? Of course, that’s so much easier for me to say today than it was back in my elementary school … Continue Reading