• 98% of the things I do, I’m scared to do. 2% of the things I do, I was trained to do; respect, work hard, pray, and move forward.~Soul Survivor Writer
  • Others will try to distract you with other people’s distractions. Stay focused. Continue to pray, be who you are, do what you do to the best of your ability, and let God do the rest. Oh! And don’t forget to smile. ~ Soul Survivor Writer
  • When a tree is dead, we have to remove it with the roots. We out here chopping off branches to dead trees and calling that oxygen. ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • The best distraction from loneliness is hard work. The best distraction from hard work is love. The best distraction from war is working hard at something you love. ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • If you’re HUNGRY enough, you’ll starve first and eat later. ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • I don’t expect anyone to be perfect because that’s impossible, but I do believe in making the impossible, possible. It was once impossible to flick on a switch and light up a room.                 ~Soul Survivor Writer (Inspiration from Will Smith)
  • In this entire world, there’s only 1 you. Why not be GREAT at it? ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • You were created to be GREAT. DO NOT let anyone else control your happiness. Once you have, you will find yourself becoming less and less of who you were created to be. Inspire yourself!   ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • Turn your pain into a drink, call it CHAMPaigne, cross your legs, and sip on it nice and slow. Let the bubbles give you that tingle inside while it goes down smoothly. ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • If you see me and I look rough, it’s because I’m working hard. If you don’t see me at all, it’s because I’m grinding extra hard. If you see me and I look debonair, it’s because my hard work paid off. ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • That feeling when someone tells you something is too hard or challenging for you, and you already accomplished it, but out of respect and the kindness of your heart you just keep that information to yourself, so they won’t feel too salty about what they just “expertly” advised…just this time though. Next time it will be that feeling when you say, “I did that already; it was easy.” Don’t let anyone set limits on you. ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • Whether you are alone or amongst many, be the best artistic, unique, mysterious, inquisitive, quirky, strong, beautiful, smart, passionate, loving you that you can be. That is what people will remember. That is what inspires change. The fact that you are different is food that gives life to the energy in the universe, which brings us all together.  ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • Do what you do best over and over, until people pay attention. ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • Sometimes you just gotta focus on what you don’t have yet to get past what you have.                ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • Albert Einstein and Kanye West one in the same separated by social media. ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • Receiving a college degree does not remove one from being a statistic. It gives you a piece of paper and puts you in a different statistic. ~ Soul Survivor Writer
  • Everything in life depends on whether or not one chooses to be a dependent of the deep end.  ~Soul Survivor Writer
  • I’m one of many beautiful women in this world. I’m the only one of many beautiful women in this world. ~Soul Survivor Writer

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