Back in January of 2017 I had a vision. I even blogged about it, Soul Survivor Sunday…

“The one thing I’ve known to be proven true is people’s stories inspire and motivate others. I’ve had so many conversations that I wished I was able to capture and share with someone else. We all have different ways of sharing our story; painting, athleticism, song, dance, cooking, etc. but I think about the thousands of stories that go untold every day. Perhaps they never shared because they were afraid of being judged. Perhaps they left the earth and never left anything behind. If thousands of stories are going untold then how many people are going uninspired?” “Sometimes people don’t feel like their life could influence someone else. And I believe at the end of the day we all want to leave something behind to someone.”

Fast forward to 2018

I had the idea but I didn’t know how I was going to get it done. I had no camera man. The best technology I owned was an android LGK10 phone and a 10 year old laptop. So I said okay maybe I can just voice record the interviews with these individuals, take a picture with them, type up the interview, and post it on my blog. But it just wasn’t right. I began to invest less and less time into it because I didn’t feel like it could make the impact I envisioned.

The following year, August of 2018 to be exact, I was standing on the property of the famous Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden recording the very first episode of Soul Survivor Sọnde, discussing my  first published book, Cracked Concrete Vol. 1, with nothing but soul full vibes all round me.  From the camera man to the interviewer. Though the show’s name had evolved from Soul Survivor Sunday to Soul Survivor Sọnde, the foundation of it remained the same.

Soul Survivor Sunday is about stepping outside of a comfort zone. It’s getting out into the community and telling various stories of people’s challenges and what they have overcome.”

Present Day

This is far from what I envisioned and I know it will only get better.  However, I must not rush goals or worry about the order in which they come to fruition. All I must do is respect the process.  When I had the idea I wasn’t thinking I would be the one being interviewed. And now it all makes sense. I didn’t have the camera man and everything I needed because I didn’t have SELF where she needed to be. I had to crack Linda Orji, break her down, and study her every move first, and that’s what I did…

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