Dear judgers. I DEFINE me. My third eye is open so there is no need for me to see, for I AM one with my surroundings, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Sincerely, Linda Orji   In my most recent Instagram post from June 2, 2018 (Me dancing to Won’t he do it by Koryn Hawthorne)  I … Continue Reading

“In my face they throw shade, but behind my back they’re glistening from my rays.” ~Linda Orji Dear Queen Bask in the shade. Shade is simply a reflection of your light. Position your head high, as that shade-light shines upon you. As it eases off your melanin like sweet juice of summertime watermelon. Sticking to … Continue Reading

Molasses — thick, dark brown syrup obtained from raw sugar during the refining process…   Yes, the way my mind is set up I really did wonder what would happen if ALL African American women could reflect molasses? What do I mean by this? Well, what if we all formed a thick texture between us … Continue Reading