PSYCHOLOGIST: Hello, I’m your psychologist. I’m here to talk to you today with a journalist about why you call your mind a human mind reserve. Can you explain to us?

PATIENT: My mind is a human mind reserve. It’s a place where people come who want to save their mind from extinction.

JOURNALIST:  So basically you believe your mind saves other minds from what you call mind extinction. Do you think that’s abnormal?

PATIENT: Listen! There’s a method to my madness.  The method is to say the “craziest” shit to inspire someone to create genius shit!

JOURNALIST: What do you mean by that? Give me an example.

PATIENT:  Look! Not everything is to be understood. You look at an abstract painting by Jean-Michel Basquait, can you interpret this? Let me ask you two questions. Are you a journalist?


PATIENT: Are you writing about me?


PATIENT: My point exactly!

Journalist gives a puzzled expression and writes in a notebook. Psychologist reaches for a manilla folder. Patient takes a mind interlude.

Mind Interlude

Mind Interlude Complete

PSYCHOLOGIST (opens manilla folder): Do you know anyone else who has the mind of a human Mind Reserve?

PATIENT:  Several.  Most are categorized as crazy. Very few are recognized as living legends. Many become legends after they die. I cannot give out any names. All you need to know is I ask questions that people think they don’t have the answers to so they can find the answer, create the answer, or simply say, “Forget what you think, this is what I believe and I will die for it! Period.”  These are thoughts and characteristics that are endanger amongst the masses. I taint with egos and the idea of right and wrong.  You want to know my trick?

PSYCHOLOGIST: Yes please share, what’s your trick?

PATIENT: You see the key is to appear to always want to be right which pushes people to challenge me to be right or wrong. When in all actuality I believe in neither. I believe in the story.

PSYCHOLOGIST: Do you think it’s wrong for a child to hit an adult?

PATIENT: It depends on the story.

JOURNALIST: Do you think it was wrong for whites to have slaves?

PATIENT: It depends on the person’s story.  “Blacks” had slaves. Was it wrong for Martin Luther King to believe in non-violence? Was it wrong for Malcolm X to believe in violence? Is it wrong for people to walk around with Confederate flags? Is it wrong for people to walk around with rainbow flags?  Was Huey P. Newton wrong to rape and beat Black Panther members who came to his apartment after they helped release him from prison? Was it wrong for my father to take me from my mother? Listen to the story. The mistake is when we classify an idea or belief in something as right or wrong.  Let’s stop tying our minds to those chains of destruction.

JOURNALIST: So you think that if there was no wrong or right in the world everyone would be happy?

PATIENT: Our beliefs are based on experiences of another person or ourselves. It is how we use words  that divides us. I’ve had conversations with people and never used the words wrong or right but the minute I begin to challenge them with questions it turns into this idea of me wanting to be right and thinking I’m better. Why didn’t the person initially acknowledge the act of me asking them questions as a gesture, a kind act, an awesome way to inspire great thoughts? It is because we have lived in this system that has trained our minds to divide us between two words-RIGHT or WRONG. You are interviewing me because society has trained your mind to believe that people are “crazy”. So basically if it weren’t for me you wouldn’t have a job. So you work for me. I am your boss. I tell you what to do. (Pointing to head) The Human Mind Reserve is a place where people come that want to save their mind from extinction.

PATIENT (smiling): Welcome to The Human Mind Reserve.



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