Her body is precious.

Her body is a jewel.

She’s a queen.

Her walk is hella mean.

But when her girls find out her secret

She develops low self-esteem.

They ask why…

Liz: Why you ain’t let him hit it? If I was you, I would’ve been did it?

Mya: Why you waiting til marriage?

Tish: (Laughing) Why — you afraid if you do something you gon get stuck pushing a carriage?

Damn, girl, you don’t know what you missin, just so u know we advisin’ we ain’t dissin’.”

Liz: You need some adventure in your life, you ain’t gotta wait until you become his wife.

Tish: You already been with 1 guy, give a couple others a try.

She sits back and takes a long sigh.

Wondering how they find pleasure in giving their precious bodies to more than 1 guy.

She gazes into the sky as a couple years pass by…

It’s ladies night out…

They all seem to be putting on a pout.

She listens to hear what they’re raving and carrying on about …

Their miserable relationships,

Crying about their love life with their hands on their hips.

Tisha is on her 7th kid,

But she’s going on about what her 5th baby’s daddy did.

Mya can’t seem to find that fire,

The passion — that feeling of REAL love and desire.

Liz just doesn’t think there is such a thing as a good man —

Her dude gave her an STD and ran.

Liz: I don’t know what to do. Hey, chick, u sittn’ over there quiet as hell. What you got to tell?

She takes a long sip of her champagne before she works her way in…

“Well, what do I know. My man and I are 10 years strong.”

They all gasp and one asks,

“Damn, girl, what you doing for him to hold on that long?”

She replies, “Everything y’all been there and done… and sum.

Actually, it’s about that time gotta jet,

We ain’t finish “blessn” every room in the house yet.

Think tonight is the kitchen…

O and just so u know b/f hand, I’m just advisin’ I’m not dissin’…

My man tells me everyday my body is precious.

He has pride in wearing me as his jewel and says I’m his Nubian queen.”

As she walks away one of the girls say, “I wonder what her secret is, Liz?”

Liz: What, u slow u didn’t get the message? –Everything we did and sum. What, you dumb? Basically she’s saying we reap what we sow.

Mya: In simpler terms: you’re a hoe!

Tisha: Oh.

Liz: She’s saying we need to treat ourselves the way we want to be treated.

If we respect ourselves first. The men we attract won’t treat us like dirt.

And we wouldn’t be here crying our eyes out bout how much we hurt.

We lacked self-respect.

As a result we received heartache and neglect.

As they were leavn, Mya said, “Did u see the way she walked off the scene?”

Tisha: Yea, her walk is hella mean.

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