HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I said I’m coming to a soul near you. Here I am! One of my goals was to have my book cover complete by the end of 2016, and it’s so…


…NOT ready yet.

This has taught me one thing. Well, actually, I learned two things:

  1. You can’t rush a process if you want a great product.
  2. Something else was meant to happen instead.

What was it? This website! www.lindaorji.com has happened. I knew I was coming to a soul near you, but I thought for sure the book was going to be the first one out. However, the path was drawn differently for me.

It’s actually kind of surreal. I know it’s just a URL, but imagine you were a child with a HUGE, creative, “awkward” imagination; frustrated growing up because you weren’t sure how to really put any of it to use.

Real quick, short childhood story: I had a thumb-sucking problem. After four years of the wildest tactics my mom tried to get me to stop, I walked up to her at the age of five and said, “Mommy, I’m going to stop sucking my thumb.” I quit cold turkey. Now connect that with the “awkward” imagination and you get…well, you get…me.

Fast forward twenty-plus long years later, and now I have a tool that can allow me to do exactly what I imagined.

Let’s go 2017!


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