I blame you daddy for making me want to be better than yesterday.

I blame you for always having a vision and seeing it before it happens.

I blame you for working and showing me what a provider is supposed to be.

I blame you for taking walks in good health with me.

I blame you for never falling back on your word.

I blame you for making it hard for any man to walk into my life as my husband.

I blame you daddy for giving me a last name that means strong tree.

I blame you for  making me a strong woman.

I blame you for my unique sense of fashion and style.

I blame you for my future clothing line’s logo.

I blame you for showing me love instead of telling me love.

Now I can’t grasp anything less than hard work.

Now I won’t settle for anything that isn’t lined up with my  purpose filled vision.

Now I won’t accept  a man who is anything less of what you are.

Now I will not be anything less than the name you have given me.

Now I can’t believe all the times I fought to understand your NO.

You always told me one day I would understand.

You told me that at the end of the day if anything happened you would be there.

You drove a taxi for me.

You starved for me.

You hustled for me.

You fought for me.

You would have died for me.

You understood me before I understood myself.

Now that I understand myself.

I understand you.

I blame you daddy.

I blame you.

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Annisha! Thanks for the love! You are too funny. This piece loves you WRITE back! : ) Come back anytime. This is OUR home. The door is always open.

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