No, I am NOT a common butterfly but a unique dragonfly. For only a dragonfly can submerge themselves in deep waters, and rise up through its force with two strong wings on each side. Wings that can fly through the darkest valleys and truly fear nothing because GOD is with me and I with GOD. … Continue Reading


My existence existed before and after I exited. Little did you know you could always find me flying above still waters in the springs and summersโ€ฆ Resting deep beneath the peace of its calmed waves in the coldest winters. My presence is forever present to witness the generations of your presence. For the ultimate present is your … Continue Reading

Shade is your light

“In my face they throw shade, but behind my back they’re glistening from my rays.” ~Linda Orji Dear Queen Bask in the shade. Shade is simply a reflection of your light. Position your head high, as that shade-light shines upon you. As it eases off your melanin like sweet juice of summertime watermelon. Sticking to … Continue Reading