Prelude… It is no coincidence that the essence of my warrior colors landed on the shoulder of the Soul Survivor Writer. It is no coincidence that she is a woman, for it is from a woman’s womb that I was born. It is a woman’s voice that I hear speak my thoughts, the beautiful queens … Continue Reading


Listen closely. I’ll make sure to go slowly. June 18, 18′ with an ‘x’ in between is 1 x 8, which is 8, and when 8 is turned horizontally and laid to rest, straight… Hold on, wait, let me first connect this date June 24, 24 with an ‘x’ in between is 2 x 4, which is … Continue Reading

De’ Arrion

So relax, enjoy, it’s whateva, chill, be easy. Order you a glass of The Weekend this weekend, and listen to some music or whateva. Just never forget what I always used to say, “Come tomorrow good vibes and awesome experiences will be sent your way.” Laugh it up, it’s a celebration! My soul survives! Allow … Continue Reading