Speaking of…imperfections?

Am I complaining about all this? Nope! Just bragging about my “imperfections.” I figured there are enough people in the world boasting about their “strengths” and how amazing they look, so I thought I’d switch it up a little and boast about my “flaws.” My teeth alignment is crooked from when I sucked my thumb … Continue Reading

Quotes of Survival

98% of the things I do, I’m scared to do. 2% of the things I do, I was trained to do; respect, work hard, pray, and move forward.~Soul Survivor Writer Others will try to distract you with other people’s distractions. Stay focused. Continue to pray, be who you are, do what you do to the … Continue Reading


At 24, I was managing two offices of a growing company, making what they call stupid money. I sat in meetings with top execs, went to high-class parties and had irrelevant discussions with CFOs and CEOs. You know, the conversations you have to have because you need them to invest in your company, and having … Continue Reading